Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wild Harvest

It seems awfully early for cauliflower mushrooms to be up, but here they are:

They joined a small pile of yellow chanterelle mushrooms in the kitchen, and were just wonderful to eat.

I am pretty sure that cauliflower mushrooms are my favorite of the wild mushrooms that we eat. Chanterelles are pretty good too, which is a lucky thing because there are so many more of them. In the last few days, Joe and I have also found a few black trumpets and some teeny, tiny cinnabar red chanterelles.

The cauliflower mushrooms we just sauteed in butter and ate, but the chanterelles have been added to a wide assortment of other foods, including spaghetti sauce, sauteed yellow squash, eggplant & zuchini fritters, and scrambled eggs. There are more of those yellow mushrooms in a basket on the kitchen counter, so I am assuming that they will add to yet another meal this evening. Not sure yet what that will be, though.


  1. I am wondering if these mushrooms are in NC? Where would I find them growing? They seem pretty distinguishable and unique. I originally lived in the Northwest, so I only know of Morel- which I feel confident in eating when I find it.

  2. Hi LadyPoet,

    I am pretty sure that the ranges for both of the pictured mushrooms extend into NC, but you could check with the Asheville Mushroom Club to verify that. Going on some walks with that mushroom group might help you learn to ID a few more mushrooms and help you learn where to look for them. This is the club's web address: http://www.ashevillemushroomclub.com/ .

    Hope that helps!



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