Monday, July 4, 2011

Road Trip

Joe and I left the boy (age 20) and his friend in charge of the house, the garden, the pets, and have driven west to visit relatives. Everyone else is having a lot more trouble with drought than we are in the Atlanta area, so I have been counting my blessings as we go.

The garden of my sister in Louisiana is doing pretty well, but she has had to spend some serious time watering out there to make that happen. Joe enjoyed walking through with his harmonica. I'm pretty sure he was playing "O Suzanna" when I took this picture.

Her Silver Queen corn has done especially well this year, but it was almost done by the time we got there.

The Purple Martins are an essential part of her pest-management plan. This house stands right in the center of her garden.

In the Texas Hill Country, Joe's sister and brother-in-law's garden has more problems than just drought, but this year all the gardens in the area are suffering from extreme drought. Apparently, they've had one inch of rain since October.

The high fence is necessary because these wander freely through the neighborhood:

We've really enjoyed visiting with the relatives (Joe's sisters, brother, and Mother all live in the Austin area and most of my family is gathered outside of Houston for the Fourth), but the drought is severe enough that fireworks have been banned. The men have a plan that involves Mentos and diet soda pop that I am pretty sure involves some loud noise (the two can be combined to make rockets and fountains and the sound of exploding). I'm sure we will all be entertained.


  1. Didn't you know all garden plants love harmonica playing,lol! Looks like a fun trip!

  2. Great garden! Looks like she has the same tomato problem as so many of us are dealing with this year, I'm sure the harmonica helped! Looks like you are having a fun time! Wow her corn is so far along!

  3. Melodie and Erin, We did have a great time visiting relatives. We saw all of Joe's siblings and all of mine, too, which is pretty amazing, because I am one of eight kids and Joe is one of five. Getting big families together isn't easy!

    Seeing gardens further west made me very glad to be in north Georgia, where we get actual rain eventually, even if there are occasional long dry spells. Hope your gardens are doing well.


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