Thursday, July 7, 2011

While I Was Out

The boy did a great job of looking after the garden while his parents (Joe and I) were traveling. We returned to find an abundance of cucumbers and zucchini, and the beginnings of the eggplant and tomato harvests:

What's especially great is that he ate quite a bit of food from the garden, and there is still so much! One evening he called and asked how to cook green beans, and when we got back I noticed that several onions are no longer around -- I'm assuming those also were used in meal-preparation. And, he mentioned having eaten cucumbers and zucchini and blueberries. I am pretty pleased with the outcomes all around.

Meanwhile, "pepper alley" has really poured on the steam in terms of production. The bell peppers are getting big:

As are the grilling peppers:

The Czech Black jalapeno plant is pretty well covered in little hot peppers:

And the Feherezon peppers are also producing well.

The melon plants are beginning to make little tiny melons, and I am looking forward to watching those mature. The popcorn is tall and just starting to tassle, but the okra haven't opened any flowers yet. Soon, though, that too will begin.

I am very feeling very fortunate in having had some good-enough gardening weather here, and a son who is both willing and able to take care of the garden (and house and dogs and cat) while I'm gone.

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