Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Who Loves Tools?

Bill next to tools with which to pound.
My Mom and Stepdad (Grammy and Grandpa Bill) made it safely to Georgia for Thanksgiving, and one day while they were here, because Bill Loves Tools, we visited a nearby museum that has a great tool room.

The collection is short on gardening tools, but there is plenty of everything else, and it's all artfully enough arranged that even non-tool-lovers can appreciate the displays.

I have some favorite, hard-working garden tools at home, but even if I were no longer using them, there aren't enough to make even one of these display boards!
Mom by the keys, because she is a Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Mom and Bill and tools.
In the last year or so, Bill has had to slow down some in his use of tools, but he did seem to enjoy the tool room at the museum.

He had been in radio communications on an aircraft carrier in WWII, and some of the artifacts in the tool room prompted him to share some episodes from his wartime experience. That was the first I'd heard from him about that part of his life. It made the museum-visit all the more worthwhile.

The two made it safely home after the holiday, and  - while the garden is in a bit of a "waiting" mode right now - the seed catalogs for next year have begun to arrive. Four already are stacked by my chair in the living room.

I would say that it is too early, like Christmas decorations showing up in stores before Halloween, but thinking about the garden is such a good thing that it's hard to complain.


  1. Replies
    1. The tool room is part of the Funk Heritage Museum on the campus of Reinhardt College in Waleska. The museum isn't large, but it also is a Trail of Tears interpretive center and houses some interesting artifacts and artwork. The tools, though, are amazing.

  2. Cool. I get down to Kennesaw every other month for work. So I'll put that on my To Do list.

    1. Maybe someday when you're in Kennesaw I'll have enough time off to meet up and ask the million questions I have about your farm (I live in Kennesaw). Meanwhile, enjoy the museum!

    2. Sounds great. Shoot me an email at bmiller@wingedelmfarm.com. I should be down there in mid-January. So, hopefully we can grab lunch and talk gardening.


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