Sunday, December 21, 2014

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Really, this ought to be a thoughtful, beautifully written note to the world; it's the winter solstice, which means we have increasing light ahead, and this is (according to blogspot) my 500th post. You'd think I'd have planned better and be ready with something glorious.

Instead, I can only say that I still really love to work in my garden, to harvest what it offers, to learn from it, and to share what I've learned. I've lived here now for almost 25 years, and I started planting almost right away. There were some pretty huge errors that I probably should be embarrassed about, but at the time(s) I didn't know any better.

I wish I could say that each year my garden gets better and more productive, but it still has ups and downs. Every year, though, it engages me just as much.

In these days of least light, my plans for the new year are a bit murky. Seed catalogs are piling up by my chair, but I haven't had a chance to spend much time with them. To be honest, new varieties don't call to me the way they used to. I have developed a list of favorite varieties that I look forward to each year. I will probably add a couple of new things again, but I don't change the garden up as much as in the early days of my gardening here.  It could be that my age is showing, but if finding joy in favorite vegetables is a sign of old age, well, count me in!

One definite plan for this coming year is to release one bed back to the lawn. As it is now, getting around to all the beds in the evenings after work can be a challenge. I'll still have seven veggie beds to tend, plus berries, herbs, and flowers, so I certainly won't be bored and twiddling my thumbs in an endless expanse of free time. I am hoping, though, that cutting back by one bed will allow me to enjoy the others even more. Of course, I might just get annoyed that I don't have space for everything I want to grow.

I hope that the increasing light in the days to come brings abundance, peace, and joy to all my gardening friends!


  1. Congrats on the 500 posts, that takes some diligence. I share the same tendency towards trying new varieties. I’ve got my favorites that I know will do well in this climate. I also like the idea of building our cuisines on these specific flavors. Flavors that we get to know afresh, each year. In practical terms I’m always trying out (trialing sounds a bit to organized) a new variety or two. I’m still trying to find the spinach that will do well enough in our climate.

    1. Not sure whether it's diligence or stubbornness, but either way, here I am. For spinach, I'm not sure whether the variety matters so much as the timing of when it's planted, but if I find a variety that is truly awesome for our area, I'll let you know. Hope you are set for a great holiday season! -Amy


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