Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Bits of Progress

Radishes help get a gardener through the long wait to the summer crops. They are so pretty, and a few go a long way. Of course, I have kind of a lot of these coming along in the garden still. It's a good thing Joe really likes radishes.

Around the garden, seeds are coming up -- and not just the weed seeds! The zuchinni (below) are looking very promising. The slicing cucumbers are a little further along, and the picklers a little behind. The bush beans are coming up, but the first set of pole beans have yet to poke their heads above ground. If I had planted everything at the same time, I would be worried, but I have planted little bits at a time, after work, on the weekends . . .

And pretty soon, if all goes well, we will have sugar snap peas. These are on the same trellis that the slicing cucumbers will eventually take over. Nearby, a lot of little Malabar spinach seedlings are coming up. I have been very surprised to see them. I hadn't thought that such a tropical plant would make it through the winter here, even as seeds.

In other good news, the potatoes (Red Pontiac) are beginning to flower. That usually indicates that little spuds are beginning to form underground.

I am behind on posting about the garden (I've had a cold for more than a week now), so these pictures are from last week. Today after work I planted eight tomato plants: two Olivette Jaune, two Cherokee purple, two Wuhib, and two Rutgers.

After I planted them, I put cages around them even though they are way too small to need cages. The dogs tend to run through that bed rather than around it, and I am hoping the cages will keep the plants from getting trampled. I also am hoping that, on Wednesday, I will be able to get the peppers and eggplants in the ground. Wish me luck!

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  1. I have to put bamboo sticks all over the bed to keep the dogs out until the plants get big enough for them to notice them, LOL! Everything looks great, I'm hoping that this time next week I will be harvesting peas!


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