Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beans of Tomorrow

My bush beans (this year's variety is Provider) are making flower buds. Of course, just like when I look at those pictures of clean-cut, smiling kids captioned "Tomorrow's leaders," I know better than to expect every last one of the buds to make a bean, especially if the high temperatures of the last week continue. The flower buds are, however, a hopeful sign of beans-to-come.

A label of "Tomorrow's beets" would be mostly right, because I'm expecting my little family to eat golden beets from the garden this weekend.

We might eat a little dill, but mostly we have been running it through the dehydrator (at the lowest setting) to save for when the pickling cukes are ready to harvest. Since they aren't yet opening any flowers, it could be awhile.

Joe is having trouble waiting for the garden to provide his cukes, so he has bought some picklers at the store and started a batch of brined pickles, using our fresh dill.

The Sugar Snap peas have been cranking out the peas for a while now. Most of these are going into a stir-fry tonight. They've been great in salads and as snacks-while-walking-around-the-yard.

We still have a couple of heads of Bronze Arrow lettuce out in the garden, but I will be bringing these in to the house tomorrow morning. So far, they have held up very well in the heat, but I don't want to push my luck. Also, I need that space for the sweet potatoes.

Maybe this weekend I will get the rest of the summer planting done. We are about to have some rain (after several dry weeks), which will be welcome.

The weather has been crazy this year, and we have been lucky that our family members in Oklahoma and Missouri have been missed by the worst of the storms (even the niece in Joplin). I hope everyone else out there in electron-land is safe and well!


  1. Yay! My beans are just now getting big leaves, I hope flowering won't be far behind. My snap peas are still producing too, but it was 94 today so I think I'll be pulling them soon!

    The weather... I'm stumped this year... I keep thinking "what's next? Locusts?"!

  2. Erin, At this point, locusts wouldn't surprise me at all! I hope they don't actually materialize, though. This has already been a challenging gardening year, and we've all just got started! Here's hoping things calm down a bit as summer progresses. . .

  3. Definitely a challenging gardening start for us too. It's rained and rained for over a week. Finally this week is sunny so we can work in the garden!

  4. meemsnyc, I would envy the rain, but in the past we've had years with so much rain that planting was VERY delayed. I think I have an idea what it's like in your garden.

    Hope your area dries out some, soon!


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