Monday, February 21, 2011

Talking and Doing

This is a week for both of the activities in the title of the post. This coming Saturday, the leader of the Plant-a-Row-for-the-Hungry (PAR) Garden and I will be giving a talk on raised bed gardening. The talk will be at the Smith Gilbert Garden in Kennesaw, which is also the home to our PAR garden.

A couple of weeks ago we worked out a list of subtopics and divided those up for the presentation. I still need to make a handout for my part, so people who show up will have a handy little sheet to follow along and to take home as a reminder, in case I say something that is helpful to them.

Before then, some of the PAR gardeners will be making the Third Annual Pilgrimage to Ladd's Farm Supply up in Euharlee, for seed potatoes, onion sets and assorted seeds. Previous trips to the store have been both fun and educational, and I am looking forward to this one.

Over this last weekend, though, we had such beautiful weather that I spent as much time outside as I could. The hoe and I did a number on the winter weeds, and I dug in some compost to begin getting this year's potato patch ready.

I also jumped the gun a little bit on the onions: mine got planted. My big excuse for putting them in the ground so early is that the forecast is for still more warm weather ahead. I am hoping that the stretch of warm weather will help the little onions get settled in before the cold returns.

The trout lilies still aren't blooming, so the peas are still in their packet instead of in the ground. Maybe next weekend . . .

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