Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oxheart Carrots

When I read the descriptions of Oxheart carrots last year, they all sounded about like what I had been looking for: short, broad shouldered, does well in clay soils. What the descriptions didn't do was translate all that into a picture. Here are a few that I pulled up today:

If I had known that the mature, ready-to-eat carrots were so short that they were nearly spherical, I would have ordered a different variety. This is one of those little lessons about doing more research before devoting time/space/$ to planting seeds. You'd think that by now I would have learned that lesson very well, but, based on this particular carrot experience, that would seem to not be the case . . .

There are, however, two bits of good news here. The first is that these little carrots are good to eat. The second is that there are lots of them, which helps make up for how little "carrot" is actually in each one.

Also, their very shortness may make these carrots a good variety for people who grow most of their veggies in containers.


  1. Well the question is where can I purchase the Oxheart carrot? Thanks.

  2. I got mine from Sand Hill Preservation Center - one of my favorite seed sources. -- Amy

  3. Gardening Know How currently has a scavenger hunt photo contest for an oxheart carrot and you can submit that photo to enter to win a great prize! For details on how to enter, visit:


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