Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow! Again!

On Sunday night, snow started falling, and it continued long enough to cover our yard with about four inches of snow. At first, it was all the classically fluffy white stuff, but it changed to hard little bits of sleet toward the end. Today, we had more flurries, but not any significant addition to what was covering the ground.

Most winters, we don't get to use the sled even once. This winter, we've been able to have plenty of fast rides down the hill in front of the house over both the Christmas weekend and the last couple of days. Other people have come out to take turns on the sled, too, and the chance to visit with so many neighbors has been great.

One of the things about snow in the South that is both good and bad is that it packs to ice on the roads almost immediately. The situation is made more interesting by the lack of snow-plow trucks to clear the ice or to spread salt or sand on the roads. The icy roads make driving dangerous, so schools and businesses close, and most people stay home.

However, when Joe and I walked the mile and a half to the nearest coffee shop earlier today, the TV there was on, showing news coverage of Atlanta's roads, and it was pretty obvious that a whole lot of people who should not have been driving were actually out in their cars. Plenty of those people were stuck, either on a highway or in ditches or yards.

Roads have begun to look more passable, though, as the day has gone on, which means the return to work and school most likely will begin tomorrow.


  1. They look just like sled dogs ready to go!

  2. Erin, the dogs were definitely "ready to go," but it turned out that they had smelled coyote. There were coyote tracks in the woods (Joe is a biologist, and he knows coyote tracks), and the dogs were pretty well glued to the tracks for as long as Joe let them sniff the trail.

  3. that so cute i love your puppy and I like the pic of the people.My brother said "Yippee I am an internet star"LOL

    the biggest little rascal;)

  4. All the rascals are stars, as far as I'm concerned. ;-)



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