Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Last Catalogue

I still haven't worked out exactly what to grow this year in terms of varieties. I took a little stack of seed catalogues with me to Oklahoma to look at while staying with my Mom following her hip replacement surgery, but I didn't have a lot of time to look at them. Hospitals are busy places!

I got back home today, though, and there in the mailbox was the Last Seed Catalogue--the one I've been waiting for-- the one from Sand Hill Preservation.

This coming weekend must be the one in which I make a final plan. Of course, there are plenty of seeds left from last year, stored in the fridge. But I still haven't hit on the perfect carrot, for example, for this yard, so there are decisions to make after doing yet more research.


  1. I have yet to find the perfect carrot too!

  2. Where does your Mom live in Oklahoma? That's where my wife is from...

  3. meemsync, when you find a great carrot for your yard, I hope you will share the information! It probably wouldn't work in my yard, but you never know . . .

    EG, my Mom lives in Choctaw, just east of OKC. She was born in Shidler, and my father was born in Hobart. I grew up in Tulsa. My Mom's grandparents lived in Claremore. Her father grew up in a little town called Port that doesn't exist anymore, and for a while, my mother's mother's father was a sheriff in an oil boom town called Whizbang that wasn't far from Shidler. I graduated from OU in Norman. Your wife probably knows where all those places are!

  4. Carrot choices are the WORST! LOL... I gave up and am going back to Danver's Half Long this year, I need a breather to clear my mind of all the other ones I've tried LOL!


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