Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wild Food for Supper

We still have plenty of leftover Thanksgiving food, so we didn't actually need for anyone in the family to go out foraging, but Joe was feeling the need to be outside today. This morning, he loaded the canoe onto the jeep, grabbed a lunch (turkey sandwich included) and a fishing pole, and headed out.

He brought back one ten-and-a-half-inch yellow perch and a big bunch of oyster mushrooms.

I took a break from work (my schedule is weird, I know) to clean and cook the mushrooms while Joe took care of the fish. We had little fried fish fillets and fried mushrooms along with our (leftover, still) mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce. It was all good.


  1. What a gorgeous mushroom find! I bet it was delicious.

  2. Those are the best kinds of meals, and I envy your opportunity.

  3. Meemsnyc and EG,

    The mushrooms were great, and so was the fish. The Etowah river, where Joe went to fish and just generally be outside, is relatively unpolluted (not pristine, but not awful), so I am fine with eating fish from there every now and then. I wouldn't let a fish from the Chattahoochee anywhere near my kitchen.


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