Friday, November 5, 2010

First Freeze Tonight!

At least, that's what the current forecast is calling for. The weather sites have been waffling all week on the potential for a freeze this weekend.

The good news is that my garden is sort of ready for it. Joe harvested more Malabar spinach yesterday, and it has been cooked, bagged, and frozen. Today, when I was working in the yard, I brought in a few more things:

Joe saw the eggplant when he got home from work and said, "Looks like we're having eggplant parmesan tonight." Hah! The eggplant did get a little bigger over the last week, but it isn't big enough for a three-person meal.

The tomatoes are the very last ones from the yard (the plant is in an odd place, and I kept forgetting about it). They are from the Amish tomato plant that was grown by the Tomato Man in Kennesaw. Only one tomato from that plant has matured, and I did save seeds from it - that was one of my goals for the summer - but I had hoped that one of these would ripen outside, too. I don't know whether seeds saved from tomatoes that ripen indoors will be hardy enough to produce good plants next spring, but I will find out!

The radish is from a winter radish mix. These all have long maturation times (60-75 days) and are supposed to be grown in the fall. I don't know which variety this is, but I expect it will be good sliced thin and salted. The ones I grew last year were. They are supposed to be eaten that way as a snack, with beer.

I covered the part of the garden that has lettuce, not because the lettuce is especially tender (it isn't) but because there are some babies in that same space. I had replanted more lettuce seeds, since so many didn't make it to maturity the first time. There are also some little cilantro, regular radish, and beet babies in that space. Very young plants are less cold-hardy than more mature plants, and I'm not taking the chance of losing these.


  1. It's gonna get down in the mid 20's here tonight too. I protected as much as I could....

  2. EG, Hope everything that needed a little more time to mature in your yard made it through the night! Just a couple more freezing nights to go before the temps go back up again.

  3. Found your blog recently and I am enjoying, especially since I also live NW of Atlanta and we did get that hard freeze Sat and last night as well. One thing that I especially have enjoyed is finding someone so close to home that experiences the same kinds of weather trials and tribulations.

  4. Home Grown,

    Glad to know a fellow NW-of-Atlanta gardener is here! Feel free to share what works for you (and what doesn't). Between the crazy clay and unpredictable weather, we all need all the help we can get. Thanks for stopping by!



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