Sunday, May 16, 2010

Undercooked Lasagna

Joe is out of town with the camera, so there won’t be any pictures until he gets back. He’s taken a group of students to Belize for a Maymester course, so it seems likely that he might need the camera more than I do.

I have almost finished planting the summer vegetables. Part of the delay is just the life-in-general stuff that happens to everyone, but part of the delay is that the layered leaves and manure in the new garden beds that were created “lasagna style” aren’t as decomposed as I had hoped they would be by now.

However, I have planted in them anyway. Four tomato plants went in a few weeks ago, partly as a test and partly because they had outgrown their pots. I have to say that they looked pretty bad for a while, all pale and scrawny, but just in the last week they have greened up and are starting to grow. This seems like a positive development, so this weekend I set out more little plants in those two beds.

There were another dozen or so pepper plants in little pots that are now planted in the decaying leaves; four Sugar Nut melons are there, as are three Straight Nine cucumbers, three Malabar spinach, some flowers (China asters, nasturtiums, an extra sweet basil), and some bean seeds (Alabama black half runners).

After looking at the remaining space with the eye of someone who likes to have a LOT of plants in the garden, I have started some Dakota black popcorn, Cajun jewel okra, and Schoon’s Hardshell melons in little pots to go in, too. It will all fit. Really.

Elsewhere in the garden, I’ve cut the rest of the spring lettuce and crammed it into the fridge before it can bolt and turn bitter. The boy and I are eating salad twice a day, every day, until it is gone (or until Joe gets home to help eat it, whichever comes first). The peas are getting plump, so tonight’s salad had some barely cooked, freshly picked peas on it. I have a little asparagus in the fridge for one of tomorrow’s salads, but I will have to stop cutting the asparagus soon. Maybe now. In another week, there should be little beets.

One of the Chinese tomato plants has tiny green tomatoes on it. Most of the other tomato plants are flowering. One plant, the Olivette Jeaune, looked decidedly puny until just a few days ago. It is only slightly larger than when it was planted, but it has greened back up and looks healthier. It had been a sad shade of yellow. I hadn’t thought before that it was even possible for the color yellow to look sad, but there it was.

The zucchini are beginning to flower, but the first flowers to open have been female, which seems odd to me. Usually, the first flowers are male. These first flowers won’t make mature zucchinis for the kitchen because they haven’t been pollinated, but I am sure that I can figure out some way to add them to a salad.


  1. Sounds great! I just made another sowing of greens since mine too had to be pulled and I only have a couple of left out there that aren't bolting, my peas just formed their pods, I am anxiously awaiting them plumping up!

  2. Erin,

    Glad to hear that your peas are about where mine are. We had peas again today--not a great heaping bowl of them, but enough to be happy with!

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