Monday, April 26, 2010


Trying to get everything planted in between work (job 1 and job 2) and the weather has been interesting. Some plants are going out a little too soon, while others will be out a little later than I would prefer, but it is all getting done.

We are eating asparagus, the spring lettuces, and spinach from the garden. Over the weekend I brought in the last of the overwintered Swiss chard and chicory from the garden, partly because it was starting to bolt but mostly because I needed the space for spring planting. We ate some as palak paneer (that Joe made, with a mix of chard and spinach), but there is still more in the fridge.

Many more small plants are now out in the garden, but I still have seedlings in pots. Some of the seedlings still in pots are melons, sunflowers, and cucumbers. These like warmer weather than we are having now, so they are good ones to leave for last.

I am going to visit my Mom in Oklahoma for a few days later in the week, and my family has plans for the lettuce and spinach while I am gone, so I have been outside admiring the patch this morning, in case it is gone when I get back. This is about half of the patch, the part that includes the spinach (which doesn't look this good every year).

The dwarf peas ('Wando') aren't flowering yet, but they should be soon. We never get a lot of peas, but that's fine. I enjoy them anyway. When they are done, another kind of squash will go in their spot.

This is one "hill" of the Raven zucchini. There is another 2-plant patch in a bed closer to the house. That patch looks a lot like this one, still just little, but as the weather warms again later in the week, the plants should start to really grow, especially since we got two inches of rain over the weekend.

Elsewhere in the yard, the comfrey is looking glorious. I love those flowers.

And, the earliest of the thornless blackberries is blooming. These canes were planted just two years ago. Last year, I think we got five berries. It is possible that we will get more this year, because I am seeing hundreds more flowers than I saw last year.


  1. I always start with a good plan every sping but nothing ends up getting planted at exactly the right time either! Peas - mine aren't flowering yet either and I know what you mean, we never get enough to freeze for later, just enough to eat a couple of dinners and sprinkle on a random salad! My thornless blackberries really seem to be producing this year (year 3), but I did get way more in year 2 so hopefully yours will do the same!!

  2. Erin, I sometimes think that if it weren't for the jobs I could get everything done at exactly the right time, but then the weather interferes, so I know it isn't true. I am glad to hear that my blackberries aren't the only ones that decided to put on a big show this year!

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