Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Book! Fall Garden Planning

New for 2018! Great for new gardeners who are looking
for a shortcut to successful fall gardening and for more
experienced gardeners looking to hone their craft.
Anyone still reading at this site, and not yet over at, my new site, may not be aware that my little book finally got published. I am so happy to have finished!

The page for the Kindle version on includes a "look inside" feature that I still haven't figured out how to activate for the soft-cover version, but this - generally speaking -  is what's inside:

  • Crops that grow best in fall
  • Two ways to make a planting calendar for your own garden 
  • How to get the garden prepared for your fall crops (amendments, fertilizer)
  • Management options for three common pests (caterpillars, aphids, root-knot nematodes)
  • Details about 24 fall-garden crops, including recommended varieties for Southeastern gardens 

There is more, of course, even though it is just a little book (65 pages) but those are the main sections.

I developed the book with gardeners in the Southeastern U.S. in mind - from the Carolinas to East Texas, in planting zones 7, 8, and 9. I wrote it because, when I worked at my county's Cooperative Extension office, a fairly common set of questions each year was about when to plant and what to plant for a fall vegetable garden.

This book is my expanded answer to those questions, based on my experiences as a long-time organic gardener who looks for research-based answers to questions.

If you choose the Kindle version, you might want a larger copy of the blank planting schedule that is in the book. I have added a FREE pdf version that you can download as an 8.5x11-inch copy to the Books page at Small Garden News.

It is near the bottom of the page.

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