Monday, February 16, 2015

Still Winter, but Dreaming of Spring

It looks like this is going to be one of those awkward years when the plants and the weather aren't quite in sync. Daffodils began blooming in my yard over the weekend, but there is a drop to 11 degrees F expected on Wednesday. That drop in temperature will make a mess of my daffodils. The pink camellia blossoms aren't going to take that drop well, either. Wilted, drooping, soggy, browned flowers definitely are not part of the spring dream!

The hopeful news is that the tips of trout-lily leaves are beginning to emerge by the back fence. I use the blooming of those plants as a signal to begin planting peas, and then a week or two later the potatoes. Some years, the flowers of my trout lilies are up in abundance by the last week in February, but it may be the first week in March before I see many of those flowers this year.

Those two plantings -- the peas and potatoes -- begin the cascade of springtime activity in my garden. Lettuces, spinach, beets, and more cool-season crops will be seeded directly into the soil in that same time of beginning, and from there the planting flows fairly steadily on, right through May.

While I am waiting on the trout lilies, I have tiny plants to tend indoors. Tomato seedlings have begun their unfolding in the flat that I started on Feb. 8, a little more than a week ago. Tending those, and then the peppers and eggplants that will share the flat as they germinate and grow (always taking a little longer to emerge than the tomatoes...), will keep my gardening-energies engaged in the meantime.


  1. Will you direct sow the peas and potatoes?

    1. For the peas, yes, but potatoes are planted as little chunks of actual potato that are certified disease-free. I've written about getting the potato pieces ready for planting here:
      Thanks for stopping by! -Amy

  2. We've seen bulb flowers start to peek through, but they're so floppy now after last night's crazy weather. I'm hoping they'll spring back. I know we have daffodils in the front, but I'm unsure of the backyard. We didn't plant them - and they didn't come up the first year we were in our house. I hope they survive - because I'm super curious!

    So glad I found your blog! I've been eager to see what other Atlanta gardeners are doing! :)


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