Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So Close, and Yet So Far

I keep saying that the fall garden is nearly all planted, and that gets closer to the truth every time I say it, but summer peanuts are still maturing in the garden, and a patch of oats (part cover crop, part bunny food) is scheduled to go in their place; the sweet potatoes are yet to be harvested, and the garlic and shallots will be planted in that space.
Almost time to start eating kale and radishes.

Also, there are some bare stretches to fill in along the rows of carrots and in patches of other crops. A gardener's excuses to be outside are nearly endless! More good news: the weather is cooling enough that spending time outside is even easier.

Rain has been mostly nonexistent lately, so all the cool-season crops have needed to be watered to help the seeds and seedlings make a good start and to encourage transplants to mingle their roots with the garden soil. Otherwise, the cool season weeds are growing slowly enough to keep them from taking over, and
we are still bringing in little bunches of green beans, cowpeas, and small tomatoes. The peppers continue their steady stream into the kitchen, as well, and it looks as though we will finally get some eggplants.
Glacial vines from the sweet potato patch, slowly consuming the yard.

I had planted the eggplants too close to the tomatoes, and they were so overshadowed that it was all they could do to hang on through the summer. The tomato plants are gone, and the eggplants look very happy! If we are lucky, the first frost will hold off long enough for all the flowers and little fruits now on the plants to reach maturity.

I'm expecting to harvest the sweet potatoes this weekend, and that is always fun, assuming the chipmunks have left something for me to harvest.

I hope that everyone else is out enjoying their gardens, too, and that all is growing well.


  1. I made the same mistake with my eggplants this year, planting them too close to the tomatoes. And thanks for the timely reminder about planting garlic. We have a hundred bulbs from last year’s planting. So we will try and get some in the ground in the next couple of weeks.

  2. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the cooler weather holding off, so the eggplants can mature.

    1. Thanks Shelley! They are beautiful right now, so we don't need warm weather for too very much longer. The return of warmer weather in the next couple of days might be enough for at least a couple of the eggplants. Hope your garden is growing well! --Amy

  3. 36 degrees this morning. I better go claim whatever is left on our plants.

  4. Good morning Brian! I will be pulling in most of the last of the summer things, too, later this week. The green leaves on the last tomato plant did not hold up well in the drop to 40 degrees that we experienced, so that plant is next on my "to-do list."

    Hope all is well on your little farm. --Amy


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