Saturday, July 6, 2013

I've Been in Texas

Sorry for the lack of garden-posting, but I've been to Texas for a big family gathering. One special feature of this particular gathering was that ALL my brothers and sisters were able to be there, so we stood together - in birth-order - for a photo with Mom. Mom is on the far left, the oldest daughter is next, and so on; I'm between two of the boys (fourth person from the left, but the third of Mom's children).

Mom and all eight of her children. July 4, 2013.          PHOTO/Amy W.
There were lots of kids and a few grandkids (great grandkids for Mom), and we ate too much food, some of which probably wasn't all that healthful. However, it was all great!

I'll be back with our "regularly scheduled programming" in the next day or two. Hope everyone else had a great Independence Day!

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