Friday, April 19, 2013

Impatience Wins: I Planted Zucchini Seeds

I have been waiting and waiting for warmer weather, but on Wednesday evening I gave in to my impatience and planted some zucchini seeds. Last year, I began harvesting zucchini in May (May!), but this year I will be lucky to bring in zucchini by mid-June.

Even though the past several days have been toasty warm, tonight's forecast includes a swoop down below 40 degrees F. That's why I've been trying so hard to wait on planting the summer veggies. Many of those really don't like temperatures in the thirties.

The forecast includes a frost advisory, and if a frost materializes it would be disastrous for many gardeners at this point. However, back in 2005, our last frost was on April 24; one more dip down to freezing wouldn't be out of the realm of normal.

After that, though, the forecast temperatures trend upward, and I am planning to begin the spring-planting extravaganza on Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, my yard enjoyed a big rain today, which means those zucchini seeds will be well-hydrated for eventual germination.

Hope everyone else's gardens keep safely un-frosted and growing well!

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