Monday, December 3, 2012

Tracking the Harvest: Nov. 2012

I'm pretty sure I've picked a lot more lettuce than is recorded here. I bring some in several days each week for the bunnies, but by the time it hits the kitchen it's mixed with chickweed, violet leaves, dandelions and chicory, bits of dill and fennel that are still green, parsley, and other bunny-friendly weeds and herbs.

The harvest total is suffering a little as a result, but the bunnies are doing great!

As always, the recorded weights are in kilograms:

Persimmons, Asian
Radish, winter
Bok Choy
Potatoes, sweet
Onions, green

I found a couple more good sweet potatoes when I was digging over the space for multiplying onions. They were an unexpected treat! I am sure I'm not the only gardener to uncover more spuds - of any kind - weeks after the initial harvest.

Overall, the November harvest was not especially large, but it was varied. November's harvest total is 7.85 kg, which equals 17 pounds, 4.9 oz.

The running total for 2012, Jan. through Nov., is 189.2 kg, or about 417 pounds. 
I can't complain, but I also think I can do better. Maybe in 2013 I'll be 100% consistent about recording the weights of absolutely everything that I bring in from the yard, including the bunny salad, and maybe I'll do better at planning (and implementing the plan) to not let any space go empty.
The future is hard to predict, so I won't make any guarantees, but I am hoping to do better next year!


  1. I think I'd settle for not having a tree and construction crews trampling through your garden!

    We took advantage of beautiful weather today and pulled all the remaking dead plants and put away the stakes and tomato cages. We aren't doing a cover crop, but covering the garden with leaves to hopefully keep down the weeds over the winter.

    I wish you had a different anti-spam device. I'm on try number 3 of word verification.

  2. Owlfan - Yes, an unsmashed house and yard and the lack of big boots tromping through the garden would probably help too! Keeping track has really helped me figure out the holes in my garden plan, though, and they weren't all caused by the tree disaster.

    The anti-spam thing is Google's/Blogspot's, and I wish it were different, too. I've given up before on trying to comment to other blogs - after a few tries - when I couldn't read the letters and numbers well enough to replicate them in the little box. I'll have a look to see if there are other options.

    Hope you and your little family are doing well, and that you get a chance to go outside today to enjoy what looks like it will be an amazingly beautiful day!



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