Sunday, September 23, 2012

We're Back in the House!

We've been allowed (after almost two and a half months!) to move back into the house. We've been living in a hotel ever since the tree smashed the house, and it is GREAT to be back home. Most of the undamaged contents of the house have been returned, and we've unpacked all the boxes that we've received so far. The stack of empties is a joy to behold! They mean we're making progress.

Getting ready for the move back, contacting power and phone companies, arranging for everything to be turned back on, meeting with assorted contractors and workers, has been very time-consuming, but totally worthwhile. I'm sorry, though, that I am so late in posting to the blog.

While we lived at the hotel, I made almost daily trips to the house, and I worked on the garden. If the work has the intended results, these plants will be giving us cabbages in five or six weeks:

Other crops are coming along, too. The lettuces are about four inches high, the carrots, planted in two waves, are fairly well established, and other brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, radishes) are looking just as I would have hoped. Of course, the weeds also are looking quite robust, so I have more work ahead. 


  1. Yay on getting back into your house! I'm sure it will be much nicer to be back home, even with all the unpacking.

  2. Hi Owlfan! It will be great to be totally settled back in, but it will be a few more weeks, I think, before the paperwork parts and the replacing-of-things-that-are-gone are all done. For those who might have a way to avoid it, I would recommend NOT having your house smashed by a tree. It's a major time-waster.

    Hope your gardening has gone well this summer, and that your home remains forever un-smashed.



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