Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dehydrating the Harvest

We (mostly my husband, actually) have been keeping the dehydrator busy in the last few weeks. The jars below are packed with the dried fruits of our harvest:

Most years we do more canning and freezing of veggies, but we have been working with a hilariously inadequate kitchen. The two-burner stove seems to do well with high heat and low heat, but we haven't found "medium heat" on either of the burners so far.

I have managed to burn more than one meal, and I've undercooked some things, so we are going to give canning a pass until we get completely moved back into the house, where the stove operates on natural gas and we have cookware that's more familiar. Our cast iron cookware - for example - is a lot more nonstick than the two pans and one skillet that came with this kitchen, and I'm not actually certain that a big water-bath or pressure canner would fit on this stove.

It's a very good thing that we were able to bring the dehydrator with us when we shifted into the extended-stay hotel! The poor Excalibur could use a break and a good cleaning, but it still has a lot of work ahead of it in the next few days.

Last year, a lot of our tomato-based sauces started out as dehydrated tomatoes and peppers. It looks as though this year's sauces will have the same beginning.


  1. I have gotten completely behind in blogs and had to page back and ohmigosh I had no idea about the tree!!!!! Amazing you all are okay that was one heck of a direct hit! You are absolutely crazy for dehydrating and even entertaining the idea of canning while you are out of the house LOL but I love it :) I hope everything goes quickly for the rehab/construction and you are able to get settled back in so you can enjoy fall!

  2. Erin, It's been a crazy enough summer all over that the really amazing thing is that we all have managed to keep our blogs reasonably up to date! With the house half destroyed, it probably does seem a little crazy to put the effort into dehydrating our garden's produce, but I am very happy in winter to be able to put together meals for which many of the ingredients came from our own yard.

    My tomatoes haven't been as productive as yours, but we still seem to have plenty to put in the dehydrator.

    It probably also seems crazy that I'm still keeping up with the gardening, but the continuity helps keep me sane. When I was working at the house this morning, I planted a little patch of bush beans. Next week the carrots and lettuces will go in.

    Hope next week's weather is good for all of our yards!



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