Friday, July 6, 2012

Planning Pays Off

Notice how there aren't any green beans in the most recent batch of harvested veggies?:

That's because the patch of beans I've been harvesting from so far looks terrible. I hope nobody else has quite this much trouble with those crazy Mexican bean beetles:

I harvested the last of the beans from the damaged patch, cutting the top growth off to add to the compost and digging the remainders back into the soil. The good news is that, having seen this kind of extensive damage before (year after year...), I planted a second patch of beans that is just about to start providing us with more beans:

We'll get a few more weeks of green beans before the beetles destroy this newer patch of plants, and I'll have another patch of beans coming up to replace these, too, if all goes as planned.

To be honest, I am surprised that there already are tiny beans on those plants, considering the recent extreme heat. Who would have thought that a variety of bush beans (Contender) could set beans on days with highs in the 100s? Most beans won't make in that kind of heat.

In the less-good-planning category, the Pigott cowpeas were planted a little too soon. They are coming up behind the cucumbers (which are on the trellis) and are growing fast enough that the cucumbers are in danger of being swallowed up.
If I were at home right now (I'm in South Texas, on a family visit), I would be starting seeds for my fall garden this weekend. For plants in the cabbage family, it's time! Instead, the seeds for this year's broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower are going to have to wait another week. At least, though, I have a plan!

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