Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Morel of the Season!

Zack found this 5-inch high morel while he was out walking the coonhound. It was near the east side of the house, by the azaleas:

It was delicious!

I am sure I am not the only one to notice that this is unusually early for morels, but, in most of the US, it's early for just about everything. When I was out walking the other dog this evening, I could smell the sweet shrub, like freshly sliced apples, already in bloom. The trilliums are up and opening their flowers; the May apples are up; it's all just very strange.

In the good news category, though, are my happy seedlings. I transferred the tomato babies into a divided tray, and they seem to be adjusting well.

Out in the garden, the lettuce babies (variety Capitan) have come up and are making their first true leaves. This section, pretty obviously, will need to be thinned soon.

I planted another section this morning, to mature a little later than these. Today's planting was of a variety that's new to me, called Kagran Sommer. It's supposed to hold up well in warm weather. I think this year might be a tough test for it!

I planted some radishes (variety Hailstone, also new to me) near the new lettuces. Other outside chores were done, including potting up some herbs for the Master Gardener plant sale in May. It was a busy day!


  1. In my garden I now have English peas and radish coming up really well. Hope it won't get too hot to bother the broccoli transplants - 87 yesterday! Potatoes are sending up little green leaves and the lettuce looks a lot like yours. Again - hope the heat doesn't have negative impact on lettuce. My seedlings are about a week behind yours I believe. I saw the first little set of true leaves on the Roma seedlings last night. Can't wait to get home from work and see what this day has brought. I'm eager to move them to their own little pots.

    I know you are very active in Plant a Row. Next time you have a community event please let me know - especially if it's on a Saturday. Do you participate in or organize any type of Plant Swap? I am interested in organizing one for a Master Gardener Fundraising project to benefit Plant a Row. I'd like to know how other groups organize. I'm in the Rome/Floyd County area.

  2. Barbara,

    Glad to hear that your garden is coming along - a week behind sounds about right, considering that you're a little further north. My oldest son graduated from Berry College, so I know a little about your area! I, too, am a little concerned about the lettuces and the heat, but we will just have to see what the next few weeks bring.

    About our funding for Plant a Row - every county is organized differently, and in Cobb County the Master Gardeners have one BIG fundraiser every year in which everyone participates, and the funds are distributed among the various projects. We don't have a separate fundraiser for Plant a Row; we did, however, apply for and get a grant this year from GMGA for funds that will go toward an arbor (with any extra money going toward a nice sign for our space).

    Also, since we are moving to a new space, we were given more money than usual from the county group, and we are very grateful for that!

    The big fundraising event does include a plant sale for which I have potted up divisions of quite a few plants from my yard. By the time of the sale (early May), they should be big and happy. If you'd like to talk about Plant a Row or our fundraiser sometime, let me know. I'd be happy to hear about another, nearby Plant a Row project! My email is amygwh at g mail dot com (compress to remove spaces and replace a couple of words with symbols).


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