Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Me and My Bok Choy

One of the bok choy plants finally did make it into the kitchen.

I don't know what it is about bok choy, but I always cut the whole plant to bring in, whereas for most other greens I tend to just bring in the leaves that I will need for the meal I have in mind. It could be the thickness/succulence of the petioles that causes me to reach right past them, to the base of the plant.

There are still three bok choy plants out in the yard, and I may experiment with one of them, cutting off just the leaves I need, to see how that goes. Does anyone else harvest bok choy one leaf at a time?


  1. I cut the whole thing, too! It just seems so "satisfying" to bring in such a lovely armful! I see you still have flowers blooming too! My marigolds are still kickin!

  2. So that's one more vote for the whole plant at once! I am feeling pretty lucky about the flowers. We had our first light frost last week, and some things didn't make it. Hope you are getting all caught up on your computering!

  3. I want to grow Bok Choy in my garden this year, but I'm not sure where to get the seeds or plants. Did you plant seeds or actual plant? Where did you get yours? Thank you for any help. Gail Richards

  4. Gail, I grew mine from seeds that I started indoors in early August. My current seed packet is from Seeds of Change, and it is for the variety China Choy, which is described on the packet as being "Similar to Bok Choy, but with a more loosely headed rosette."

    I've grown the variety Joi Choi before (available through Burpee) and it did just fine, but I didn't have as much success with the dwarf version that I tried (might have been Toy Choi).

    Hope that's helpful!

    If you live near me, you could let me know in mid-July whether you'd like to try just one or two plants, and I could grow a couple for you.


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