Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Plenty to See

There's a lot of action right now, plantwise, both in the wooded backyard and in the garden. It's a great time of year to walk around and see what's going on in the plant world!

Taking up the whole right side of this photo is some cilantro that seems to be in competition with Jack's beanstalk. I don't think I've ever seen cilantro get to four feet high before! On the left are the potatoes, and in the back, starting up the trellis, are sugar snap peas.

Elsewhere, last fall's chard is bolting, and the spring lettuces and spinach are making enough progress that they will soon land in the salad bowl, along with some of the radishes that are getting close to the right size for eating.

The herbs are greening up and looking lush, especially the comfrey, which is in glorious bloom. The bees are very happy!

The backyard has smelled like apples for a couple of weeks now, because the sweetshrub (aka: Carolina allspice) is in bloom.

The woodland flowers are coming along, too. In addition to the goldenseal, which is already setting fruit, and the Solomon's seal, the trillium are putting on the best show they can.

And the Jack-in-the-pulpit have burst forth with their weird little blooms, too.

The crossvine blooms way up in the trees. I wouldn't know they were in bloom if they didn't drop their flowers all over the place. The flowers resemble somewhat the flowers of trumpet creeper, but the crossvine flowers smell like Mexican food.

I hope Spring is progressing as wonderfully for other gardeners!

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  1. Not progressing here. Luckily I can at least see your photos.


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