Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Mexican Food Miracle

The unprotected cilantro survived the hard freeze! We had a low of 14 degrees F in our yard last week, and the cilantro is still there. I had fully expected it to keel over in the cold.

I can't take a picture because Joe has the camera in Austin where he is visiting his mother, but the plant is definitely looking perky and green. In other winters, the cilantro has not made it through such low temperatures.

In other news, my friend Eddie, of the persimmons, sent a correction to the previous post:
The persimmons I gave you were not American but Asian. The tree you got from me might be an American type that has seedless fruit.

He also added that the weeping persimmon's name should be Diospyrus kahki 'pendula.' (Thanks for the update, Eddie!)


  1. I moved from the Boston area to Cobb in Nov. 07. I have been trying to garden here in the clay on a hill since I moved. I'm excited to find someone who does garden well here. My parents live in Northeaster Oklahoma where my dad is down to about an acre garden. (He's 81.) I don't know if it's a done thing but I would love to see your garden and for you to give me tips for mine. Thanks so much.

  2. Judith,

    So great to hear from a local gardener who has family in Oklahoma! When I grew up in Tulsa, my great grandparents (Mom's Mother's parents) lived in Claremore, and Grandfather Whitney (Dad's father) had a cabin on Grand Lake. And of course, if you've scrolled through enough old posts, you will have seen that my Mother lives in Choctaw now (a little east of Oklahoma City).

    I would be very happy to get together and "talk gardening" in Cobb county with you, and I would also like to hear about your father's garden. An acre garden is lot of work to maintain!

    Joe and I lived/gardened on the Eastern Shore of Virginia before moving here, and the shift to working with the red clay, the slope, and the Very Tall Trees took some getting used to. It would be great if anything in my experience could help you make the same shift more easily.

    My email (made strange to avoid the machines that hunt for email addresses online) is amygwh at gmail dot com.


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