Sunday, September 26, 2010

Veggies, Continued

The harvests aren't spectacular, but they have been steady. Today, we are scheduled for rain, which will help keep the veggies coming for a while longer. We don't get eggplant every day, so the picture includes a little more variety than usual for September in my yard.

The okra will probably get fried for supper either tonight or tomorrow; the tomatoes go into salads and sandwiches quickly enough that I will go hunting in the yard for more either tomorrow or Monday; some of the peppers we'll use in supper tonight, but the rest are headed for the freezer; and the white eggplant will be eaten in the next day or two.

The cowpeas have been both late and slow, which I am sure is my own fault. I have about a cup and a half of dried cowpeas so far. The peas in the picture will be added to the jar after they are shelled out and truly dry. I am hoping that the first freeze holds off long enough for the plants to produce a full quart, but that seems pretty unlikely.

I planted the cowpeas in the popcorn-patch in early July, after the corn was already very far along. Between the shade and the competition for water, the poor cowpeas had quite a struggle to get going. Last year, I had planted the cowpeas where and when the summer squash came out. That worked better. Live and learn.


  1. For this time of year that is a good harvest! I am in that garden limbo of hoping it stays warm enough for the fall garden to make and then cool enough to get in the winter cool season crops.It is such a balancing act trying to grow here in SE Texas! I plant purple hull peas...I am hoping they make before it gets cold too!

  2. Melodie, It's a tough time of year for Georgia, but even tougher in SE Texas. A long while back, we lived in that region for several years (my oldest son was born in Corpus Christi), so I have a small idea what you are facing. Hope the purple hull peas come through for you! Those are good, too.



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