Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Still Food in the Yard, but Less

These veggies are in my smaller dough bowl; if they were in the big one, they would look a little lost, but there is still enough here to really enjoy. We will be eating the okra tonight with supper, along with the tomatoes and some of the peppers.

I had thought that there were no cucumbers left in the yard, but I was mistaken. The little, slightly misshapen cucumber shown here, found in a tangle of vines I was working to untangle earlier today (most of the tangle was headed for the compost heap), will go into someone's lunchbox tomorrow as part of a Greek salad. We have some really great feta cheese from Harry's/Whole Foods!

A little more progress toward the fall garden was made today, too. More seeds are in the ground: lettuces, spinach, some beets. The turnips will have to wait for the weekend.

I was talking with a gardening friend this morning on the phone about fall planting, and he had a plan to drive up to Ladd's Farm Supply in Euharlee/Cartersville to get some plants. He is thinking that they will have collards, broccoli, etc. already.

If they do, that will be great! The usual plant outlets (Home Depot, Lowe's) don't get the fall veggies in stock this early, but the plants need to be in the ground this early. The odd timing is one of the great mysteries for our time.


  1. My broccoli seedlings are in the house, I am so afraid to put them outside - keep thinking temps will soar back into the high 90's!

  2. The high temperatures we've all been experiencing are a real road-block to getting the fall garden successfully established. Someone told me on Monday that her seeds just weren't germinating out in the yard. If I were you, I'd keep those seedlings in the house a little while longer!

  3. That is a VERY nice basket of veggies!!!
    I can not believe that it is time for fall gardens it feels like i just got done planting my spring garden.

    -the oldest little rascal

  4. If I remember correctly, your spring garden went in very late this year, for a variety of reasons, so it isn't a huge surprise that it seems to have happened not that long ago. And, just so you know, you outgrew the "little rascals" title a while back, even though you still like Legos. Afterall, Dr. Joe still plays with Legos, and he's 52!


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