Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just an Update

There's a lot going on in the yard, but it isn't all edible. These flowers are wonderfully huge, and if you get close enough to try to smell them, the red pollen from the anthers gets all over your face. The flowers come in orange,

and yellow,

and in a purpley-pink that we didn't get a picture of. Some of the floral action, though, is edible, like the flowers on this dill:

It would be really great if the cucumbers were ready now, but they aren't even close. I am going to have to hope that some of the dill that is further behind in its development will hang back long enough for me to use it in pickles with the cucumbers.

Also making good progress right now are the peppers. The next picture down shows the Czech Black, the peppers that I am growing as a jalepeno substitute. According to the information I read, these are supposed to have good, jalepeno-like flavor but also have a bit less heat.

It isn't that I'm a total pepper wimp, and Joe grew up in South Texas so he can eat some pretty hot peppers, but last year's jalepenos were too spicy to even think about eating. That wasn't the first year that our jalepenos have been blazingly hot, so I am trying these in the hope that we can actually eat all the peppers we grow.

Another crop coming along nicely is thezucchini. We never get the huge crops that people complain about up north, but it looks as though we will get enough for several meals before the squash vine borers kill the plants.

While we were out in the yard, one of the neighborhood kids from the group of friends we refer to as the "little rascals" saw the camera and wanted to try it out. Joe showed him how to use it, and he did such a great job taking a picture of us that I am posting the result:


  1. gorgeous blooms! My dill is the same, hopefully the little ones I started a few weeks ago will mature with the cukes! It's so hard to time it all for pickling - kind of like timing the cilantro and the tomatoes! Great to see a pic of you, it's a good one!

  2. You both look like lovely people, I just know we would have some fun together if you were neighbors. We aren't eating from our garden at all, except weeds of course. We have had non stop rain for almost 2 weeks, the cherry trees are all drowning and it is too cold for the peppers, tomatoes and cukes. My hubby is looking at greenhouses. My son goes through 5 pounds of hot peppers per month so the hotter the better for my house. Peace

  3. Erin, I hardly ever get the timing exactly right on the cucumbers and dill, but it is usually close enough that I can use my own dill in the pickles (just not as much as I would like to). As we all know, every year is different!

    Ruralrose, We've had some serious rain, but not enough to kill things off, so I am counting this as a good spring in North Georgia. Of course, the official start of summer is almost here, and there is no telling what that will bring.

    And you are right about having fun if we were neighbors. I am lucky in that some of my neighbors actually do garden, and they are great people! I am very fortunate that they are here.

    I hope your weather settles down soon!


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