Friday, March 19, 2010

Compost is fleeting...

...but produce stickers are forever. I was scooping compost into my wheelbarrow, to use in the lettuce and spinach bed that I was getting ready to plant, when I saw (yet another) produce sticker.

I find these in my garden, too. Someday in the far-off future, an archeologist is going to stumble across the site of my garden and find this record of my family's produce-purchases. It will be quite a find, I'm sure.

The good news is that, while I was out working in the garden, I noticed that some of the peas managed to survive their too-early planting. There are spaces I will need to fill in with more peas, but I won't have to replant every last one.

The weather is beautiful today--67 degrees F and sunny. More of the same is forecast for tomorrow!


  1. Garbage will follow us forever - even out here deep in the mountain forest we find glass and nails and buried plastics from the past 100 years - they are even finding plastic at the Antarctic - always surprises you when you see it in nature though, doesn't it - peace

  2. Good to see your peas! Mine are coming up very scattered, I think something may have eaten my seeds as I found a few scattered about and holes dug...

  3. Ruralrose--you are so right about the garbage. Even though I try to get all those stickers into the regular trash instead of the compost container, I miss quite a few.

    I do wish, though, that those stickers weren't so totally plasticized. There must be stickers out in the garden that are ten or more years old!

    Erin--I also am happy to see those pea seedlings. It renews my faith in seeds! Sorry a critter has found yours, though.

    Last year at the Plant a Row for the Hungry garden we had a terrible time with birds (mostly crows) eating the tender, germinating seeds. What finally allowed some seedlings to get passed the tasty stage was covering them with a row cover. At home, I substitute tulle for the row cover. I don't know how well that would work for a non-bird pest, though.


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