Below I've added links to websites that I have found useful and/or interesting. They might be helpful for you, too.

These are specific to Georgia:

Walter Reeves - The Georgia Gardener
Cobb County Extension/Horticulture
Atlanta Area U-Pick Farms
UGA Ag/Horticulture Publications search page
Mushroom Club of Georgia
Backyard Chickens Alliance, Cobb County
Concrete Jungle (gleaning in Atlanta)

These are general-purpose:

Basic Seed Saving guide
Tomato Disease ID guide from Cornell Univ.
Kitchen Gardeners International

And this is just for fun:

The War Garden Victorious, an online book


  1. I am looking for people interested in seed saving and trading seed. I operate a market garden south of ATL We grow about 35 varieties of vegs. a dozen different fruits and 30 or so varieties of cut flowers for market (all Biodynamically). I save about 60% of our seed of what we grow. Would like to find others to coordinate seed swaps thru my non profit. More info can be found at

    1. Thank you for sharing your information! I save seeds from my garden, and I teach others how to save seeds, too. Keep me posted on any seed swaps that you organize? -Amy


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