Monday, December 18, 2017

New Post Up at Small Garden News

I have a new post up at Small Garden News. The post is Snowfall, Gardening, and Community.

The post is about our snowy adventure here in the North Metro area. Atlanta ended up with a few inches of snow, but we got close to a foot. It has been more than a week since the big snowfall, but we still have snow on the north side of our roof!

There are several reasons why I am (slowly) shifting over to a new website. One is that leaving comments on this blog, which is hosted by Blogger, can be complicated (and frustrating); I have spoken with people who have given up after several attempts. The WordPress comments feature for blog posts at Small Garden News may be easier to use.

In addition, that site has a Contact form, that actually works, for sending me questions or updates about your garden. I am not working at the Cooperative Extension office anymore, but I still am happy to work with other gardeners to help their vegetable gardens! 

The Small Garden News site continues to be a work in progress. It will keep changing, slowly, and hopefully for the better, over the next few months. Just so you know ...

-- Amy

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