Monday, November 20, 2017

Worm Composting at Home

This past week I made a little video about the components needed for making vermicompost at home. The video is linked on the worm composting page of my new site, Small Garden News.

It took several tries to make a video that is acceptable, and my whole bin of worms got dumped and re-set several times as I worked out what to say and what to leave out. By the time the final version of the video was done, my worms were probably in shock.

The video ended up with a lot of information in it (my nerdiness shines through the whole thing). It is about the five main parts of a worm farm and why they are important, but it does not include everything you need to know to harvest a bin like mine. 

To be honest, a purchased worm composting system of stacked trays, with a spigot for draining off extra fluid, is easier to manage, but not everyone wants to spend that much money on a new activity. Also, it can be good to start with a small DIY bin to learn whether worm composting is something you are really interested in. Just like with gardening, starting small makes the learning curve a little easier to climb.

At some point in the future, more information will be added to the worm composting page. Until then, you can ask questions either by leaving them in the comments section of this blog post or using  the contact form on the Small Garden News site to email me a question.

Let me know what you think?

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