Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm in Oklahoma this week, visiting my Mom and Grandpa Bill (step-dad). One of the things on Mom's list of things for me to do (besides digging up the sweet potatoes!) is to help plant a tree.

Central Oklahoma had some amazing ice storms a few years back; those storms toppled a lot of trees and severely damaged the ones that were left standing. The old oaks in Mom's yard were no exception. She wants to plant a new little oak tree near some of the trees that lost limbs, near the house. The little tree would eventually replace one or more of the older, damaged trees.

Grandpa Bill is not so excited about planting a new tree, though. While Mom is thinking about the future shade the little tree will grow to provide, even though she might not live to sit under it, Bill is looking at it differently.

Gene Logsden wrote, in the most recent post to his webpage, a little column about trees that kind of reflects Grandpa Bill's point of view:

We built our house on the edge of a woodlot thirty some years ago. Now the trees have reached out and enveloped us. They shade us in summer, protect us from wind in winter, and try to kill us by falling in all seasons.

Grandpa Bill is the one who spent weeks and weeks cleaning up the fallen branches in the yard and helping cut up downed trees all over the neighborhood. He is very aware of the dangers of falling trees and tree-parts!

It took a couple of years to burn through all the resulting firewood, which in its own way is a good thing, but I'm not sure whether the tree planting will actually take place.

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