Thursday, September 16, 2010

Remember the Beauty

This year's Dakota Black popcorn harvest isn't as large as last year's, but I will still get to enjoy my own black-hulled popcorn this winter. I pop corn in a saucepan (with the lid on, for obvious reasons) on the stove, and when I peek under the lid as the popping slows, the popcorn usually startles me into thinking I've already burnt it. Makes me laugh, every time.

When I got home from work this afternoon, I took my usual stroll around the yard to check on the garden, and I saw this sleepy bee (behind and to the right of the big pepper) on one of the Ancho pepper plants. It finally flew away (I got closer to it than it was comfortable with, I think), so I know it wasn't just dead. I am glad to know that bees just hang out in the garden, even when they aren't busy with the flowers.

A recent blog post by a friend in Florida, Rabbi Yaakov Thompson, got me to thinking about beauty in the world. He was writing about sukkot, and he closed with this:

. . . remember how very delicate the world is. Hold the lulav and etrog and remember the beauty that exists in this world. Pray for the well-being of others and hope they pray for yours!

I kept thinking that gardeners, in general, remember the beauty almost every day. Even when things are not going as well as planned (see previous post about Mexican bean beetles), there is a lot of beauty and a lot of joy in a garden.

This week, in my yard, the sweet potato vines are overflowing their bed, bees keep pollinating the peppers, the flowers on the okra plants are amazingly large and lovely, and the lettuce babies and other fall greens are full of promise. The whole thing makes me smile every morning when I walk out the front door.


  1. Summer smiles have to hold us all winter long - beautiful writing here - peace

  2. Ruralrose,

    I am actually hoping for some winter smiles, too, but we'll have to see how well my little "hoop-house" does. And then, there is the food from the garden that we've frozen, canned, dehydrated, etc. But we don't have as much of that as you've managed to tuck away!


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