Friday, July 16, 2010

Two Beans and a Boy

Last spring, my youngest son wanted to grow some black beans. We didn't have space for a huge patch, but we had room for a couple of plants at the back of the spinach and lettuces. That area already had nicely prepared soil, so the planting would be easy. We picked two beans from a bag of black beans we had purchased at the grocery store, and he planted them.

The bean plants grew and made bean pods, and when the pods dried, he decided to pick beans. The lettuces and spinach are long gone, but the plants are visible behind the squash plants, and in front of the boy.

Since there were only two plants, picking the beans didn't take very long. (Please ignore the weeds...)

Zack shelled out the beans himself.

And voila! The beans are piling up!

The harvest was an unspectacular 85 beans in total, but they are beautiful!

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