Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Joke's On Me

I am growing Lima beans for the first time this year. I don't even know whether I like Lima beans; I certainly didn't as a child, but taste buds change. I am 50 years old, and it is totally possible that I will like Lima beans now. After all, I didn't used to like beets, and now I do!

The Lima bean patch is pretty small, but I have enjoyed watching the plants grow. They have flowered and set pods like crazy -- Henderson bush seems to be a productive variety. My problem has been in deciding when to pick the pods.

This is the hilarious part: I have been waiting and waiting for the pods to plump up, to inflate a little bit. That's one of the clues for when to pick other kinds of beans and peas, so it seemed reasonable to me. Then I noticed that some of the flat pods had begun to turn yellow, which is usually a sign that picking time is past!

That's just about the time that the light bulb in my head finally turned on. Lima beans are flat! Those pods were never ever going to plump up.

Right now, I have about three quarters of a cup of shelled Lima beans in the freezer, waiting for enough to be added to the group to make a meal.


  1. mmmmm, lima beans mixed with corn in butter sauce! I even liked it when I was a kid! And so pretty!

  2. Erin,

    Maybe that's how I'll try them. My youngest boy used to say (when he was MUCH younger), "everything's better with monkeys," but I'm inclined to think that the same goes with corn and butter!

    Thanks for the suggestion!


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