Sunday, June 6, 2010


This little bunny -- and his friends the chipmunks, crows, and other bunnies -- have been snacking in my garden. The good news is that they are all picky eaters, leaving a lot of my young crop-plants completely alone. I've covered the popcorn, though, until it gets bigger.

Young corn is a favorite food of all the animal pests in my yard. Bunnies and chipmunks eat the leaves, and crows pull the whole plant out of the ground to get at the yummy kernel, leaving leaves and roots scattered around the hole. I guess I don't have to say that some of the popcorn under that tulle (cheap version of "fabric row-cover") is a couple of weeks younger than the rest, because I had to replant what was eaten.

Amazingly, all the animals have, so far, left the young pole beans alone. Since these are the Alabama blacks that I had only a couple of tablespoons of originally, I feel extra-fortunate that these plants are still here. I'm not sure I have enough left to replant even this short row.


  1. We also have a brown bunny that attempts to gain access to our "recession garden". A 3-ft fence deters his entry, and two Standard Schnauzers provide additional, mobile deterrant.
    Wish our garden was as far along as yours appears to be.

  2. The fence sounds like a good plan, as do the Schnauzers. I have two dogs (husky-mix and a coonhound) who would love to chase this rabbit and all his/her friends, but that would require letting the dogs loose in the front yard. The neighbors might not be happy with that.

    I'm not too surprised that in Wisconsin your garden is not quite as far along, but my mom's garden in central Oklahoma (zone 6) is actually ahead of mine! Her last frost date is ten days earlier. That seems so wrong, but there it is.


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