Monday, May 31, 2010

Still Planting After All These Weeks

On Saturday I planted the sweet potato slips. Last week I planted the okra and popcorn that had been started in Jiffy pellets. I still have a couple of tomato plants to put in giant pots, and I've started the tomatoes that will be planted in the space where the onions and garlic are right now.

My Mom uses the phrase "built like topsy" to describe things like the ongoing and seemingly haphazard construction of my garden, but there really is a plan, albeit a loose one, and it works, mostly. The ongoingness is a part of the year-round plan of gardening that I use.

This ongoing planting is not, however, a requirement for gardening. I know perfectly sane and successful gardeners who prepare the whole garden at once, plant it with summer crops all at once, then don't do any more planting until the next spring. These gardeners get plenty of good food from their gardens and are happy with what they do.

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