Monday, May 3, 2010

An Oklahoma Garden

I've been in Oklahoma visiting family there, and I was reminded once again how tidy a garden can be. My stepdad (Grandpa Bill) is the primary vegetable grower, and he has decades of experience gardening in Oklahoma. He also has been battling gophers for a few years, but it looks as though the human might win this round.

On the right in the first picture are plants growing in barrels. Gardening in big barrels was actually begun so my mom, who is disabled, can still do a little work in the garden. This turned out to be a great way to thwart the gophers, so just about everything else is in pots now, too. Most of the other pots are sunk into the ground, though.

This next picture is a closer view of the back of the garden. The double-protection around the plant isn't all for gophers. The big pot is for gopher-control, but the coffee can protects the tender seedling from the crazy Oklahoma wind. All the transplants have the wind shields. The first couple of days I was there, the wind was blowing at least forty mph. I would walk outside and my hair would blow out absolutely sideways, and my hair isn't short. It was hilarious.

The shrub at the very back is a bush sour cherry that I grew from seeds, ordered from Bountiful Gardens. The seed packet contained five seeds; four germinated and grew; and I gave two plants to my mom. Mine both died, but hers look great. See the little green cherries all down the stem?

One crop in the barrels is strawberries. When they are up off the ground like this, they are easier for Mom to harvest. She loves strawberries.

This is a closeup of one pepper plant in its own protected space. We are hoping (and Grandpa Bill is especially hoping) that the sunk pots actually will keep the gophers out. If this works, he can give all his scary looking traps and gopher-destroying items (that don't seem to do their intended job) to some other poor gardener.

Totally off topic: One morning Mom and I went to visit the National Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague. A billboard for the shrine is on I40. I have seen that billboard many times when I have driven from Georgia to see Mom and Grandpa Bill, and I wanted to go see the shrine. We aren't Catholic, but the shrine was in a beautiful church (The Parish Church of St. Wenceslaus) that had a lovely and peaceful meditation/prayer garden. We thought the shrine was well-worth the drive, but Bill, a retired minister, thought we were nuts.

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  1. Fantastic Garden! I can relate to that wind, 25-35 mph here is only mildly breezy, lol!


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