Friday, May 28, 2010

Late May Garden Update

One of the great things about peas, besides how they taste, is that they bridge what would be a harvest gap between the spring crops (asparagus, spring greens) and the summer. The picture below is a little blurry (I'm not good with a camera), but it shows the third full cup of shelled out peas from my little pea patch. There are a couple more cups of peas out there, which isn't a whole lot, but they make me feel as though my garden is still working for me.

I tried to turn this next photo so the onion stalks were standing up, but blogger turned the photo back sideways (mine is not to question why...). It does show, though, that the onions are starting to make bulbs. I didn't used to worry about whether the onions would make bulbs, but I've had several people tell me recently that onions don't do well here, so I've become nervous about the onions. In this case, ignorance was bliss!

Elsewhere in the yard, the blackberry canes are loaded with immature berries. This is the third year for these canes. The first year, of course, they produced no berries at all. Then the second year, last year, they made just about five berries, and I got to eat two of those. They were delicious, so I am really looking forward to what looks like a bumper crop. Birds do visit my yard, so I could end up with two berries again, but I remain hopeful.

Back in the garden, the tomato plants are making tomatoes. I am guessing that lots of gardens in the area have bigger, further-along tomatoes than these, but I am glad to have what I have!


  1. Your tomatoes are further along than mine. I'm jealous! But I did harvest my first 10 green beans today - and I didn't even know any were big enough yet.

  2. Hi Owlfan!

    I am pretty sure it will be a couple more weeks before I get green beans, but the Slobolt lettuce will fill in that last harvest-gap between the peas and the first summer crops. The zucchini are flowering, so those may start coming in even before the green beans. One of the most interesting things about gardening is how each year is different!


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