Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's Up in the Yard

Today is beautifully warm and sunny, and I got home early from work, so I was able to start another tray of seedlings. Some of these are replacements for seedlings that were started once before but got lost/destroyed when the tray was knocked off (accidentally) the side of the deck. Others are marigolds, basil, zinnias, and Malabar spinach.

Some plants started earlier (tomatoes!) are doing just fine. When I picked up the little six-pack of pots, I could see little rootlets starting to poke out the holes at the bottom. I will, hopefully, get these moved into bigger pots tomorrow. That will be their last move into bigger pots--when they outgrow the next size of containers, they go into the ground!

Out in the yard, the lettuces from the fall still taste and look good. I think that's because they are oak leaf lettuces; they resist turning bitter for a pretty long time. I've had other over-wintered lettuces get too bitter, even when they looked great.

We've been using the cilantro for weeks. Earlier, in colder weather, it was somewhat inconvenient to lift the plastic cover off the cold frame that this was growing under, but now that it is warmer, getting to the cilantro is not a problem. Since this patch is getting old, and likely will to go to seed before too long, I've started some more.

The wildflowers are coming up, but they are late. The bloodroot are always beautiful when they finally do bloom.

The ground really is still much cooler than usual for the time of year. Just like the wildflowers, the asparagus is late. We should be eating it already, but I haven't seen even one shoot coming up.


  1. Things are looking good! My toms are about the same size, I just repotted them again and they are starting to harden off during the day, although it looks like the nights are a bit cold yet, I'd like to see another 8-9 degrees higher at night. You just reminded me that I need to figure out where I'm going to put my malabar spinach!

  2. Erin,

    My tomatoes get moved outside on warm days, too. I've moved the lemongrass (in a Very Large Pot) outside, and I'm leaving it out except on nights that get below 40 degrees. Same with the potted lime tree (which has about thirty little limes on it!).

    Moving plants in and out of the house every day from now until planting time is going to get a little tiresome, but it is great to watch the plants respond to a warm, sunny day!


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