Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lots of Work, Barely Visible

The view from the front porch shows a mostly bare-looking garden. The spring peas, lettuces, and spinach show up, and so do the onions and garlic, but not much else, even though I transplanted out quite a few plants today. The transplants looked big in their little pots, plenty big enough to put in the ground, but they are actually kind of small--too small see easily from the porch.

Two tomato plants were already in the ground before today. They started looking ridiculously large in their pots last week, so I didn't wait to plant those two. But today I planted out six more tomatoes, one pepper (the largest of the lot), one eggplant, three zucchini, two parsley, two fennel, two marjorum, and a patch of Henderson Bush Limas/butterbeans.

The herbs all went into the side yard, so those couldn't be seen from the porch even if they were huge, but it is a little annoying to work so hard and not really be able to tell by just a glance. The good news is that, in a few weeks, all that work will show up as the plants grow to fill their spaces.

One job for the day related to the potatoes I'm growing from seeds. Many of the seedlings have become sick with something that makes them pale and spotty, but a few (four!) look green and healthy. I am guessing that the cross that made the potatoes that produced my seeds included one parent that had good disease resistance and one that didn't. The non-resistance seems to have dominated in this generation.

Today, I pulled up all the sick-looking plants and left the healthy ones, but I didn't want to waste that now-empty space, so the Henderson Bush beans were planted in among the remaining potato plants.

I also added more mulch around the onions after pulling a lot of small weeds.

Other plants that are too small yet to see are the beets and carrots that have come up, and out of view to the left is the asparagus bed that has already provided veggies for a few suppers.


  1. thank goodness for my perennials blooming, because all my hard work sowing and planting seedlings isn't showing yet either!

  2. Erin, it always seems like a long wait for the garden to fill in, but what's really funny is that it zooms past "filled in" to "horrendously overgrown' by the middle of August. It looks just as weird then as now, but in a different way!


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