Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gardeners on a Field Trip

Today was the second annual field trip to Ladd's Farm Supply store near Cartersville, Ga. (it's actually in Euharlee), for the Plant-a-Row-for-the-Hungry (PAR) gardeners. Ladd's is about a half hour away from the garden where we work, which is where we met to pack ourselves into one enormous vehicle for the outing.

We came away with a 50 pound bag of Yukon Gold seed potatoes for the PAR garden (but we are splitting the bag with someone who has a very large home garden); the bag cost less than $17. We also bought 150 pounds of the slow release 10-10-10 that was recommended in the soil test results that came back from the University of Georgia, 50 pounds of Austrian winter peas to use as a cover crop next fall, and smaller packets of seeds for use in the garden this spring and summer.

After reviewing the varieties in stock and talking with "Jimmy," we made a couple of substitutions on our planting plan: Straight Eight cucumbers (instead of Marketmore) and State half-runner beans (instead of Mountaineer half-runners).

One of the great features of Ladd's is that seeds are measured into small brown paper bags using measuring cups, so we have a full cup, for example, of the State half-runner beans. For myself, I measured out a half cup of Wando pea seeds, and that cost 70 cents. I had used up all of my Wando seeds planting out the two rows of peas a week and a half ago, and I wanted to have some spares in case I need to fill in any gaps as the seeds germinate and grow in the garden.

Also available were white, yellow, and red onion sets. I bought a pound of the white for $1.50. Those will get planted this weekend.

Rain gauges were given (free) to gardeners, and we all (I am pretty sure) bought something. I noticed jars of local honey -- one of those went into my sack -- bird seed, small brown bags of seeds for planting (many kinds of beans! I bought a half cup of Henderson bush butter beans), and a small galvanized bucket.

Being normal women, on the way home we stopped in Cartersville for lunch at a restaurant that had been recommended to us, Appalachian Grill. The food was good and we all had fun.

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