Monday, February 22, 2010

Around the Yard, and Planting Peas

We had the first warm days of late winter over the weekend; afternoon temperatures were in the low 60s (degrees F), and that was enough to induce the first crocus to bloom.

Some of the purple crocus have sent fat buds up above ground, but they haven't opened yet. The trout lilies are also very close to blooming. In the picture below, a flower bud can be seen pushing up through the leaves on the right side of the leaf clump. I usually use the blooming of the trout lilies as a sign that it is time to plant peas, and since the weather was so nice, I decided that this was close enough. I planted a couple of rows of Wando (dwarf) peas on Sunday afternoon.

We had rain last night, so the seeds should be swelling as I type. Of course, we are in for more cold days ahead, but the peas can take the cold, even when they have just emerged from the ground. Now that we have had our first "warm snap," more warm days will be coming, interspersed with the cold. I am looking forward to watching the peas grow.

The garlic that I planted in October seems to have made it through the coldest part of winter just fine. It always does, but that doesn't make me any less hopeful to see the stems looking fat and green as spring approaches.

Some of the winter weeds are looking healthy, too. I spent some time pulling up chickweed, hairy bitter cress, and purple dead nettle. I have read that it is especially important to keep the onions well weeded. I assume this is because they are so shallow-rooted; they can't reach down deeper than the weeds to get what they need from the soil. I haven't planted out any onions yet, but I did clear weeds from among the garlic and from the space that will hold onions in just a few more weeks.


  1. Great photos! You look about 4 weeks ahead of us here. I keep my onions mulched as weeding seems to disturb the roots too much. Can't wait to see what the summer holds for both of us. Peace

  2. I've had a few daffodils bloom here,but more cold today,possibly snow..yuck!

  3. Ruralrose--There's a thin layer of mulch on those garlic, too, and some leaves have blown into the bed, but weeds have come up anyway. That is probably a clue that I need to add more mulch!

    Melodie--We have snow in the forecast, too, but we get snow so seldom that I will be happy to see it, if it actually arrives. (I am not going to hold my breath waiting for it. Last time we had a 100% chance of snow, we didn't get any.) In the meantime, I am going to be looking for those daffodils on your blog.


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