Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Rainy Year

A 14 December article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that this has been the 7th rainiest year on record for Atlanta, with a current total of close to 64 inches of rain. Atlanta's annual average is 50.2 inches, substantially less than has been reported for this year so far, and the rain we've had has fallen in great gushes rather than as an inch or so a week evenly spread through the year, which would have made gardening a lot easier.

The heavy rains in spring set back planting by at least three weeks for most of us, and September's flooding drowned a lot of the seedlings that would have filled our fall gardens. In between, though, July and August were dry enough that I needed to water my garden!

The NOAA Rainfall Scorecard site for Atlanta (the Peachtree City weather station) shows that Atlanta had 8.94 inches of rain in September, but my yard had more that month, so I am thinking that my yard might have passed the Atlanta total.

According to my blog posts for September, I had measured close to 10 inches of rain in September BEFORE the Big Rain, which brought at least another 10, and then it rained again after that.

The official NOAA records are from Peachtree City, south of Atlanta, and that may account for the difference. However, next year, I may have to keep better track of my yard's rainfall, using an additional rain gauge to check against, so I will know for sure.

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