Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the Oven

Last night was vegetable supper night. Even though the youngest boy's becoming vegetarian has influenced our cooking over the past year or so, this is a meal we have prepared many nights over many years, and everyone seems to like it.

The meal usually includes baked potatoes, some kind of beans, and a green vegetable. Last night, the vegetable was cole slaw, made by me since, when Joe makes it, he doesn't use any sugar when making the dressing and I like to put in about a half teaspoon. The beans were the Pigott Family Heirloom cowpeas from our garden (have I said this yet?: Best Crowder Peas Ever!).

After washing the potatoes, I poked them all with a fork a couple of times, because I have always heard that this keeps them from exploding in the oven.

While the potatoes were baking, I was standing at the stove working on the cheese sauce for the potatoes, and suddenly there was a POP from the oven. I opened the door and looked inside, and I saw potato innards splattered all over. A potato had exploded!

In all the years that I have been baking potatoes, I've never before experienced an exploding potato, but I've never tested the theory, either. Apparently, some potatoes explode even after being poked with a fork.

I am baking bread today, and even though I wiped the oven out beforehand, I can smell burning potato.

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