Saturday, November 28, 2009

Planting Some Spring Flowers

I planted some bulbs today---paperwhites (var. Inbal) and anemones (Blanda mixed colors).

One great feature of the Spring-blooming bulbs is that they reach their peak when many of my other plants are seedlings, or still just seeds. Seeing the flowers provides an inspirational boost, helping me stick with my seed-starting and planting schedule. Another great feature is that the bulbs get planted now, when the outdoor work-load in the garden is fairly minimal.

I have several kinds of daffodils out there already, along with crocus and some other small bulbs, but I hadn't planted paperwhites before today. I put them pretty far from the house, because they are a Very Fragrant Flower. I want to enjoy seeing them without being overpowered by the smell.

The anemones are planted in front of one of the planting beds installed last year. I've planted these before, maybe 10 years ago, in the blueberry bed, but very few of them are left. I am thinking that the higher pH of the side-yard lawn (which mostly is not grass) will be helpful to their survival. We will see.

Something I didn't remember was how puzzling anemone bulbs are to plant. The instructions on the package say to "plant the bulb with the pointed side up." The problem is that no pointed side exists. The little bulbs are shaped about like flattened gravel, with oddly angled bumps in seemingly random locations. The bumps don't really show up in the picture below, but they are there.

I tried to find the scar on each little bulb that looked as though it could be where the roots grow, and planted that facing downward. I hope my little bulbs aren't actually upside-down!

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